About Haz MC

Haz Mission Critical was established in 2006 to serve the Data Centre industry, and since then Haz MC has successfully been project managing mission critical projects across Europe and Asia for over 13 years.

Haz MC Philosophy

To deliver a service that is exceptional. Our identity is ensuring we do not diversify into other industries and, as such, have dedicated expertise with vast experience in this industry. Haz Mission Critical prides itself in being able to provide quality professional support in the Mission Critical environment across all areas, focusing in particular on Project Management, Construction Management and Commercial Management.

Our reputation is everything to us. This is reflected by our approach to business. We treat each day with our clients as if it were the first. We build our business by showing our teams how to build our reputation.

This along with our professional expertise, is how the business has evolved into the success it is, and why we enjoy 100% repeat business.

At Haz Mission Critical we work globally with a number of international blue-chip companies, Government bodies and local clients, ranging from small IT start-ups to major data centre infrastructure organisations.

Our business is about delivering mission critical projects for our clients. Having an holistic approach ensures that we integrate seamlessly with our clients, and approach each project with complete flexibility and professionalism. We never over commit, and we always follow through on our commitments to the full. Our staff approach each project with a balanced yet enthusiastic perspective, ensuring that all areas are given the attention required to deliver an award-winning delivery.

Haz MC Values

We pride ourselves that our teams consist of professional and experienced staff who are all dedicated to the delivery of data centre and mission critical projects in an array of different capacities. All our team have experience of working on both the client and contracting side so are able to approach projects understanding the complexities from both perspectives.

We are a proficient and dynamic organisation. With appointments from a number of key players within the data centre industry, we are proud of our 100% record of repeat business. We focus on completing one workstream 100% successfully, enabling us to deliver without compromise. We take quality seriously and are accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001.

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