We have a wide range of professional expertise within our organisation and offer a service that is flexible to adapt with each client depending on their requirements. However the core skills our clients utilise us for are as follows:

Project Viability

At Haz Mission Critical we work with a number of clients at the planning and feasibility stage of their project, assisting in the key decision making process:

  • Development of strategic business plans and budgets.
    Working with clients on their business plan and strategic approach to ensure any development and investment is well founded, prior to going into development.
  • Carrying out building/land searches and due diligence.
    Finding the correct site is paramount. Our extensive experience of working with teams to find the correct site for a client, both national and internationally, along with a detailed due diligence review is second to none.
  • Assisting with lease negotiations
    Co-ordination of freehold purchases and lease negotiations are detailed and time-sensitive projects. We carry out this service for a number of clients ensuring achievements in bettering industry standards, and act in the clients’ interest both commercially and technically.
  • Detailed project programmes and budgets
    Drawing up budgets and programmes that are accurate and achievable, ensuring that the project is set up correctly with the right expectations and milestones from the start.
  • Management of consultant pre-qualification and RFPs
    Engaging the correct consultants from the start is key to a successful project. As we specialise solely in the Mission Critical industry, we fully understand what is required of consultants from commencement to completion, from both a technical and delivery perspective. Our extensive Pre-qual and RFP process ensures these elements are captured up front, and our knowledge of market activity ensures we secure the right teams for the right projects.
  • Technical review
    Peer reviewing of design is always a high priority in delivery assurance. Our lateral approach towards design solutions ensures we question and verify that all elements have the most applicable solution.


It is our view that every project is different, and therefore requires a different approach, and a different dedicated skill set.  Below are some examples of the services we offer:


Client Representation

  • Providing the client with a representative(s) that take away the day to day co-ordination and organisation required with a major project. As with all our roles, we ensure seamless integration with our client, working closely with all the relevant internal departments, acting as the point of contact for all project related activities. 

Project Management

  • Taking full responsibility of the project delivery. Project Managing the delivery of the project to the correct design, specification, budget and programme. Overseeing and co-ordinating all consultants and suppliers. Establishing a methodology which suits the needs of the project and the clients requirements. 

Construction Management of all project sizes to the Haz unique model

  • A bespoke and unique Construction Management model that enables the client to benefit from the full economy and flexibility of a CM model. Please contact us to discuss how this model could benefit your project.

Cost Management and Contract Management

  • Managing all cost and contractual elements of the project on behalf of the client.  Which can include contractor and supplier selection, set up and manage/support the tendering process, appointment of suppliers and vendors on behalf of the client. Provide programme & quality overview & management. Establish and manage the change processes and offer full commercial support where required.

Where Haz MC Specialise

Although Haz MC is based in the UK, a number of our clients ask us to work with them in various countries as they expand in crease their business footprint, leveraging on our experience in these areas and de-risking their projects.
With over 13 years of experience in managing successful Mission Critical projects throughout the UK, Europe and Asia, Haz Mission Critical prides itself in being able to adapt to fast demands and bring on high quality managers and engineers and ensure we can meet clients demands in locations where ever needed.  Click here to see some of our previous projects.

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