Haz MC and COVID-19

Adopting the Normal

At Haz MC we have embraced and adapted from the outset the working conditions set out by policy and businesses across the UK and Europe. As a business we have resources spread across several countries and their wellbeing and safety is paramount. By engaging and monitoring in country government guidelines Haz has ensured all our consultants have adopted the best practices which suits personal needs and client needs in maintaining their health and obviously safety as well as project efficiency and continuing to deliver the day2day service we pride ourselves on. 

Trust has had to be one of the biggest shift changes in business since the pandemic started. A big part of our business ethic is our ability to show and demonstrate our commitment in helping deliver clients requirements in challenging times which creates trust. The pandemic exposed, disrupted and created impacts throughout the Data Centre industry.  The ability to travel freely and work where we want has changed and we at Haz MC have embraced the new way of doing business.


Common Sense Approach

Since March 2020 the approach has been simple, follow the guidelines and policies, listen to our clients and understand what they want and provide a solution which works for everyone “Common Sense”. 

Technology has and always will be an enabler for Haz MC in delivering client’s needs, and using the latest video & call conferencing techniques available to provide regular project stand-up and progress meetings. Haz MC is continuously looking at ways to meet the demands of delivering successful projects by embracing and utilising processes and tools to help our client’s needs. New and more improved technology enhancements will become more prevalent over the coming months and years, VR and AR will play a big part in how we adapt to the future and will give Haz the flexibility to adapt to the unknown as we have all experienced over the last several months. Where technology cannot assist, Haz is adopting physical measures where necessary such as social distancing in the workplace, remote working and remote client meetings. We have operating through the pandemic and will continue to do so by leading by example.


At Haz MC we continue to monitor the Coronavirus status in the UK, Europe and the Nordics. We regularly check in with local government guidelines and what precautions and controls are in place or need to be. 

  • All Haz Staff are ensuring they are limiting there exposure and where possible working remotely. 
  • Social Distancing measures are implemented at all times. 
  • Increase in the use of video or call conferencing systems in encouraged.
  • Listen to the needs of out clients and suppliers.
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